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Wizkid’s Bodyguard Reacts After Praying Against Drowning A Few Days After Davido’s Photographer Drowned


The bodyguard of Wizkid has prayed against drawing a few days after the photographer of Davido drowned in an undisclosed place hoping not to have the same fate.

The people around Wizkid are not dying as compared to how people around Davido are dying but the bodyguard of Wizkid decided to pray to God to keep him safe before the unfortunate incident that happened to Fortune might happen to him.

Roy wrote ‘Father, hold me close don’t let me drown’ and his cryptic prayer makes us wonder why he’s praying against drowning a few days after the photographer of Davido had drowned in an undisclosed area sadly.

After his post had gone viral, the bodyguard of Wizkid debunked the speculation of he praying against being drowned saying it was just a song that he wrote and nothing more claiming we all need Jesus in our lives.


Whether it’s just a song as he says or he meant it, one thing is clear and that is he praying to God to hold him so that he doesn’t drown, whether it be drowning in a river or his sins or whatever, he has said the prayer.

Netizens who don’t know it was just a song from him are asking what prompted the bodyguard of Wizkid to write such a post wondering if he feels his life is in danger or something he has seen makes him scared of losing his life.

screenshot below;

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