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“You must cry for real” – UK-based man in search of a Nigerian who can do a crying video job for N120K

UK-based man in search of a Nigerian who can do a crying video job for N120K
UK-based man in search of a Nigerian who can do a crying video job for N120K

A Nigerian lady named Olaedo Chioma Irene has announced an opportunity for anyone who can create a 3-minute crying video.

The unique request involves producing a genuine 3-minute crying video that will be used in the music of a male friend based in the United Kingdom.

The friend aims to incorporate authentic emotions, particularly reflecting the hardships of society, into his musical compositions. Chioma specified that the crying should appear genuine, and the deadline for submitting the crying video is set for January 15, 2023.

Chioma, in her Facebook post, specified that the crying should appear authentic and also she emphasized that the crying video must be submitted before the deadline

In her words;

“A friend in the United Kingdom, is looking for someone to make a 3mins video of you crying.

“It should look real, it will be used in his songs (the part he mentioned the hardship of society.

“He is my friend here on Facebook but I am not tagging his name.

“If you can do this and it looks real, indicate.

“Payment $100. “You can send the video to my WhatsApp business line.

“This offer is open till 15th of January.”


The offer has since generated a mix of curiosity and amusement on social media, with some users expressing interest in showcasing their acting skills.

See some reactions below;

Uzor Prosper Chukwuma said; “Make I go find soldier wey go slap me.”

Beatrice Patrick said; “Please I am very interested, how exactly does he want it, is there a particular way I should dress while making the video like someone who is suffering… How exactly does he want it?”

Prince E. Innocent said; “Can I bring my family 8cry with me? We’re 4.”

Imoh Joseph said; “Oh no. “Turn to your neighbor and say it Sha be well with the righteous.”

Chiny Hilda Obi-eke Omunakwe said; “If not my tears got dried up about crying for my father’s demise, I should have been good for this offer. “It’s been over 12 years and I don’t shed tears.”

Mary Godwin Williams said; “D watsup num please. “Only this country dey enof to cry about.”

Karolyne Ladii Joshua said; “I can sis. “Even this toothache am feeling I don waste cry since morning.”

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