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"You wan kill am" – Reaction After A Guy Mishandled Davido When He Fell Down While Performing on Stage [Video]


Netizens have reacted sadly and funnily to a video of Davido being mishandled after suffering a fall while performing at an event in the US asking why the guy did that.

A video of Davido falling down while climbing back on stage during his performance after he went into the crowd has gone viral on the internet and what really got everyone talking is how he was mishandled by a guy on stage.

The guy forced Davido to stand up after he fell down and later pushed him back to the stage to perform and it was very bad of him to do that and netizens reacting to the video were asking why the guy pushed him like that.

We know Davido would have eventually stood up on his own and continued the performance but the guy who was trying to help him stand up ended up disgracing him with the way he dragged him on the floor to stand up and then pushed him to continue performing.

Falling on stage is a normal thing for artists especially when they are performing vigorously but some netizens think Davido had smoked something before his performance and that is why he suffered such a fall that led to his disgrace.


The manner in which the guy on stage handled this whole thing is what warranted the anger in some fans and how Davido fell down and how he was pushed is what made others burst out with laughter because it was funny.

video below;

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