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NDLEA Salary Structure in Nigeria for B.Sc, HND, OND and SSCE in 2024

NDLEA Salary Structure in Nigeria for B.Sc, HND, OND and SSCE in 2024
NDLEA Salary Structure in Nigeria for B.Sc, HND, OND and SSCE in 2024

The NDLEA is a federal agency in Nigeria that works under the Ministry of Justice. Its job is to stop the production, sale, export, and trafficking of hard drugs. The agency was created in 1989 by Decree Number 48.

In terms of salary, what you earn in the NDLEA depends on your rank. The salary structure follows the Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS), which means the higher your rank, the more you get paid.

The NDLEA ranks are similar to other groups like the Nigeria Police. Your rank is based on your qualifications and certificates. So, the more qualified you are, the higher your rank.

NDLEA Salary for B.Sc, HND, OND and SSCE Level

NDLEA Salary Structure
DegreeLevelMonthly SalaryAnnual Salary
B.SC HolderGrade Level 8 Step 1N74,000N888,956 (before deductions)
B.SC HolderGrade Level 8 Step 2N75,000N900,071 (before deductions)
HND HolderGrade Level 7 Step 1N54,000N648,000 (before deductions)
OND/NCE HolderGrade Level 6 Step 1N50,000N600,000 (before deductions)
O’Level HolderGrade Level 5 Step 1N50,000N600,000 (before deductions)

Benefits and Welfare Packages for NDLEA Officers

1. Housing Allowance

NDLEA officers possess the rightful entitlement to accommodation at their designated duty stations. In instances where suitable accommodation is unavailable, they are duly compensated with a housing allowance meticulously designed to cover their lodging expenses.

 2. Health Insurance

NDLEA officers are mandated participants in the National Health Insurance Scheme, an encompassing program that extends coverage not only to the officers themselves but also includes their families within its protective ambit.

3. Traveling Allowance

Primarily designated for senior officers within the agency, this particular benefit extends to the provision of a traveling allowance whenever these officers are engaged in official duties beyond the boundaries of their assigned state.

NDLEA Commissioned Officers Ranks

  • Commander General of Narcotic.
  • Deputy Commander General of Narcotic.
  • Commander of Narcotic.
  • Deputy Commander of Narcotic.
  • Chief Superintendent of Narcotic.
  • Superintendent of Narcotic.
  • Assistant Superintendent of Narcotic.
  • Assistant Superintendent of Narcotic II.

NDLEA Non Commissioned Officers Ranks

  • Inspector of Narcotics.
  • Assistant Inspector of Narcotics.
  • Senior Corporal of Narcotics.
  • Corporal of Narcotics.
  • Lance Corporal of Narcotics.
  • Private of Narcotics.