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Nigeria Police Past Questions and Answers

Nigeria Police Past Questions and Answers
Nigeria Police Past Questions and Answers

It’s important for candidates preparing for the Nigeria Police Force exam to focus on key subjects such as Mathematics, English Language, and Current Affairs.

Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  1. Mathematics:
    • Practice solving mathematical problems, especially those related to basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.
    • Work on your speed and accuracy in solving mathematical questions.
  2. English Language:
    • Improve your grammar and vocabulary skills.
    • Practice comprehension passages and answering questions based on them.
    • Work on your spelling and punctuation.
  3. Current Affairs:
    • Stay updated on current events, both national and international.
    • Read newspapers, watch the news, and follow reputable online news sources.
    • Focus on topics such as politics, economy, sports, and general knowledge.
  4. General Tips:
    • Create a study schedule to cover all subjects.
    • Practice with past questions to understand the exam format.
    • Time yourself during practice sessions to improve speed.
    • Seek guidance from relevant study materials, textbooks, and online resources.

Remember to stay focused, manage your time effectively during the exam, and review your answers before submitting. Good luck with your preparation!

Nigeria Police Force Past Questions and Answers

We have created 25 questions for you to practice or you can proceed directly to download the Nigeria Police Force past questions and answers for free.

1) The first Inspector General of the Police Force was

A. Teslim Balogun
B. Louis Edet
C. Ademola Adetokunbo
D. Mike Okiro.

2) In order to qualify for the post of President in Nigeria, the person must be _____ and above

A. 35 years
B. 20 years
C. 40 years
D. 55 years.

3) The name Nigeria coined out of _______

A. Niger Forest
B. Niger Area
C. Niger River
D. Niger Textures.

4) The last colonial Governor-General of Nigeria was

A. Tulma Goldie
B. James Robertson
C. Huge Clifford
D. Lord Lugard.

5) The First World War was between

A. 1911-1914
B. 1914-1916
C. 1916-1918
D. 1914-1918.

6) The first African country to introduce e-passport was

A. South Africa
B. Ghana
C. Liberia
D. Nigeria.

7) The first secretary General of commonwealth was

A. George Washington
B. Tulma Goldie
C. Arnold smith
D. Joseph Garba.

8) The first military president of Nigeria was

A. Sanni Abacha
B. Ibrahim Babangida
C. Aguiyi Ironsi
D. Yakubu Gowon.

9) Which of the following may be regarded as a regional organization


10) What is the full meaning of NPF?

ANSWER: Nigeria Police Force.

11) What is the Nigeria police force motto?

ANSWER: The police is your friend.

12) When was Nigeria Police Force(NPF) established?

ANSWER: 1930

13) What are the objective of Nigeria Police Force?

ANSWER: The Nigeria police force objective is to enhance the quality of life in our country by working in partnership with the community and in accordance with constitutional rights to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide for a safe environment.

14) Who is the present Chief of Defence Staff?


ANSWER: Major Gen. Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin

15) What is the full Meaning of IGP?

ANSWER: Inspector General of Police

16) What is the name of Nigeria Police Force IGP?

ANSWER: IGP Kayode Egbetokun

17) When did Nigeria got her independence?

ANSWER: 1 October 1960

18) Who is the current Speaker of Nigeria House of Representatives?

ANSWER:  Tajudeen Abbas

19) Which year was the Nigerian flag designed and who designed it?

ANSWER: Nigeria flag was designed by Mr. Taiwo Akinkumi in 1959.

20) Who is the first Executive president of Nigeria?

ANSWER: Alh. Shehu Shagari.

21) Name the government agencies that supervise the affairs of Nigeria police force?

i) The Police service Commission (PSC)
ii) Ministry of police affairs
iii) The Nigeria police council(NPC)

22) Name the 7 area Commands of Nigeria police force?

ANSWER: (Adamawa, Gombe, Jigawa, Kano, Katsina, Lagos, Ogun.)

24) When did Nigeria become a Republic?

ANSWER: 1 October 1963.

25) What year did the Nigerian Civil War start and end?

ANSWER: Started 1967 and ended 15th January 1970.

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