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Occupants reportedly die after their SUV got trapped in a flood in Agege, Lagos (Video)

 On Saturday, July 9, in the Oko Oba area of Agege, Lagos state, all occupants of a SUV, except one, reportedly died in a surging flood during the heavy downpour in the state.

An eyewitness who shared a video online showing the vehicle trapped in the flood revealed that only one person came out alive while the other occupants were swept away to their deaths.

The video showed residents in a frantic effort in search of the occupants with the hope of removing their bodies from the SUV.

Sharing the video on Twitter, a tweep @zhurg wrote, “Flood swept people away at Agege today. Oko Oba area. Tragedy everyday in this country”.


Giving an update another eyewitness wrote on Twitter, “This is where they ended up all of them gone”.

He however, clarified that only one person was rescued alive, “Only one person was able to get out of the car, the rest died”, he added.

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