Nigerian Woman Throws Special Birthday Package For Her House Help [Video]

Nigerian Throws Special B’day Package For Her House Help

A Nigerian woman threw a special party for her housemaid to commemorate her birthday, a development that has painted a different picture about the stereotypical frosty relationship between maids and their masters.

The woman hired a musician (trumpeter) to play beautiful tunes for as well as getting her beautiful gift packages that impressed the maid very much. The oga reportedly gifted her employee a new cloth and bag which she rocked for her birthday alongside a princess crown.

In a video making rounds online, the maid could be seen at the beginning talking with her madam just as the trumpeter entered and started playing for her.

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Away from that, a is habouring bitterness towards his pastor after he asked him to drink his wife’s urine as part of a ‘spiritual direction’ which he has been doing for two years consecutively.

At least that’s not his main problem but to think this same pastor is sleeping with his wife has completely shattered him. He shared his predicament in a social media post which has since attracted a lot of attention.

A portion of his post reads;

“I want to kill my pastor for fooling me for 2 years. I slap myself every morning for being such a fool. I still look at the mirror and laugh, me myself drank a woman’s urine for years.

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Do you know I have been drinking my wife’s urine for 2 years now because I want to be rich and work in an oil company. My pastor told me not to touch my wife but drink her urine every morning and wait for God to embarrass me with wealth.


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