Prince Eke

Prince Eke leaks chat of ex-wife, Muma Gee pleading for forgiveness on ‘intentionally lying to tarnish his image’

Nigerian actor, Prince Eke has leaked conversions with ex-wife, Muma Gee, in a bid to clear his name after being intentionally defamed by the ex-wife.

Muma Gee in an interview had accused her estranged ex-husband of leaving the marriage to be with other women while abandoning three kids for her to carter for alone.

In a series of proofs leaked online by Prince Eke, Muma Gee in an alleged text can be quoted saying, “I didn’t do well by going online to spew trash about you, it’s just because i didn’t want another woman to want to give you a chance, this is so wicked of me.”

Countering her allegations of putting her music career on hold for three years, Prince Eke stated that he sponsored her career with his money while they were still married and even after 2 years after the dissolution of their marriage.


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