Checkout The Number Of PRISONERS Currently On DEATH ROW In Nigerian Prisons

Controller General of the Nigeria Correctional Service NCS, Jafa’aru Ahmed has disclosed that Nigeria now has 2,742 inmates on death row, expressing optimism that the approving authorities are working to either approve their execution or to commute them to life sentence.

He spoke Thursday at a news conference on the Nigeria Correctional Service Act which was assented to by President Muhammadu Buhari on July 31, 2019.

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270 PRISONERS Who Fled For Safety During A Prison Fire Return To Finish Their Sentences

Authorities in Indonesia have confirmed that the inmates including convicted murders who fled for their lives during a prison fire this week have returned to finish their sentences.

On Monday, August 19, more than half the jail’s 500 convicts fled the building when it was set on fire by protesters rioting outside in Sorong city.

The riots and demonstrations occurred after the weekend arrest of dozens of Papuan students in Indonesia’s second-biggest city Surabaya, where they were also targeted with racial abuse.

Confirming the return of the prisoners, Prison spokesman Elly Yuzar said today: ‘They weren’t trying to escape – they just wanted to save themselves from the fire.’

‘They also worried about their families… Even convicted murderers have come back voluntarily.’

The convicts are even helping build a temporary office for their jailers, he added, after parts of the building were destroyed.

In Sorong, search teams had fanned out across the city of some 220,000 in a bid to find the escaped prisoners or contact their families, Yuzar said, adding that a dozen were still on the run.

Despite reports that the jails are notoriously overcrowded and unsanitary, Yuzar said:

‘We’ve always treated them well and they knew that running away was not a solution – it would only make things worse.

‘I really appreciate their willingness to come back to prison.’

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People Seen Passing Money, Snacks To PRISONERS As Black Maria Breaks Down On Lagos Highway

Passersby have been caught on camera passing money and snacks to prisoners after a Black Maria vehicle broke down on a Lagos highway.

According to a report by The Guardian, the usual traffic around Toyota bus-stop on the Apapa-Oshodi expressway created an unexpected stir that attracted crowd to the scene when one of the two trucks of the Nigerian Prison Service conveying inmates to Kirikiri prisons broke down in the middle of the expressway at about 6:30p.m.

The scene later became chaotic as the crowd of onlookers moved to sympathy for the inmates still locked in the Black Maria, began to give them money, drinks and snacks.

It was double jeopardy for the prison wardens as they tried relentlessly to control the crowd milling round the truck while also seeking for help to push the truck out of the highway.

Some stranded motorists later joined forces with the warders to push the truck out of the way just as the prisoners were increasing their chants of “help your neighbour; we are suffering in prison; God bless you, you won’t be a prisoner; please, we are starving.”

It would be recalled that in November last year, the Minister of Interior, Gen. AbdulRahaman Dambazau (rtd), said the Federal Executive Council (FEC) had approved N1.5 billion for the purchase of 116 vehicles for the prison service to fast-track the administration of justice in the country.

He also said the vehicles used for conveying inmates from prisons to courts will now be known as Green Maria instead of Black Maria following the approval for name change by the Federal Government.

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