Racquel Finally Lands A Role On Tyler Perry’s Show After Paying For A Billboard Ad To Get His Attention

Despite receiving a light scolding from Tyler Perry for pulling a billboard stunt to get his attention, Racquel Bailey can now for say for sure that her $2,000 investment paid off as she was offered a spot in the ace producer and actor’s new project.

Recall that Tyler politely chastised the actress for escalating her attention-grabbing tactics with a billboard. He also told her she will be offered a spot in his movies if she comes out good at his auditions which has no entry fee.

The 32-year-old actress however moved on from that and has been cast in a recurring role in Tyler Perry’s new drama “Sistas”. Racquel spent last week in Atlanta at Tyler Perry Studios, which was where she strategically placed her billboards in May.

TMZ reported that she will be playing the police officer who had a past relationship with one of the lead characters. Perry was on set directing the episode in which Bailey will appear … a dream come true for her.

Her billboard stunt was quite successful as she was contacted by several casting directors thereafter, got about 20 auditions and landed 2 roles before the “Sistas” gig. She also has an audition with some known directors coming up soon.

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