Watch This Video Of Men Eating Live Rats And They Say It Is Delicious!

This video of Chinese men eating live rats will definitely throw you off balance. A video showing Chinese men eating live rats has immediately gone viral on the internet. Eating live rats is actually enjoyable and a delicacy to these men.

The sickening footage shows a man eating live rats in China. The happy diner picks up the wriggling rodents and dips them in sauce then straight into him mouth as he munches on it.

After chewing on the rodent, he opens his mouth to show the camera the crushed rodent.

Watch the video below.


According to some reports, the live rats are usually dipped in soy sauce and the dish is called Three Squeaks. The name of the meal is said to have been derived from the sounds the mice made while being eaten.

“The first squeak is when the mouse is picked up with the chopsticks. The second is when the mouse is dipped into the sauce. The third is when the mouse is placed into your mouth.”

This weird dish is becoming a trend right now in China. While rumors about “The Three Squeaks” have been circulating for at least a decade, evidence of the actual existence of this bizarre culinary practice is somewhat lacking.

This video unlike many others that have surfaced, showing the man actually chewing and swallowing the rodent.

Previously, the trend was questioned as videos doesn’t capture them actually eating the live mice. The animals are shown arrayed on plates, being dipped in soy sauce, and even being placed into a man’s mouth, but the clips always abruptly end before showing anyone chewing or swallowing any mice but this is totally different.

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