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Man share tips on how to buy and sell Notcoin after earning N3.1 million

Man share tips on how to buy and sell Notcoin after earning N3.1 million

A Nigerian man has earned over N3.1 million ($2,179) by mining and selling his Notcoin coins, a play-to-earn game on Telegram.

He shared his success story and provided tips on how to buy, sell, or convert Notcoin into USD via his TikTok page.

In the video, the man’s face is shown before he demonstrates the mobile app he used to convert his Notcoin coins into $2,179. He further shows how he reinvested part of his earnings to purchase more Notcoin coins through the app.

The clip serves as a guide for individuals interested in tapping on the Notcoin app, explaining the process of buying and selling Notcoin points. His video has attracted significant attention, with many social media users commenting to share their thoughts and express interest in the process.

Some reactions are shown below:

Future$ said, “I have 7,838 ton on my notcoin, how can I change it to naira and how much will i be excepting?”


Ⓜ️andated said, “Please I sent my notcoin to a kucoin wallet and the person is yet to receive it since last Friday.”

Mekdudu said, “I’ve not sell my notcoin since the day it lunched I believe in the project.”

EmmaxOnwe said, “Why selling it in the first place when you know you will keep it for future use?”

Watch the video below:

@szymansk_i This is Exactly how I spent my Notcoin Funds #szymansk_i #marjidcryptonite #kagan #notcoin #tapswap #pinetworkvietnam #blockchain #crypto #yescoin ♬ original sound – szymanski

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