All Women Including Married Women Are Ashawo — Se.x Therapist Blessing Okoro

All Women Including Married Women Are Ashawo — Se.x Therapist

Controversial Nigerian relationship and se.x coach, Blessing Okoro has turned heads on social media after she boldly stated that every woman whether married or unmarried is a prostitute including her.

According to Blessing Okoro, no woman is innocent or a saint so far as she has been banged by a man and she furthered that even a married woman is an ‘ashawo’ because she opens her legs for her man 24/7 without any reluctance.

She made this controversial statement in a video she posted on her verified Instagram account and captioning the post she wrote;

Every woman Na Ashawo…
Married women do ashawo pass because na them open leg pass without saying NO 😉.
Reason am .

Her followers have, however, disagreed with her stance citing their various reasons why not every woman is an ashawo.

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This is the mindset I don’t like ,you sleep around doesn’t mean everybody does same ,i know very many decent girls


Na lie blessing . Ashwo get paid to open yansh that’s what makes them who they are.There are still responsible women out there


top trying to justify your promiscuity by dragging everyone into it, do your prostitution with your full chest. T for thanks.


Cos u be ashawo no mean say every woman na ashawo .. speak for urself


Speak for yourself pls, my mom,sisters and Aunty aren’t Ashawo . Everyone can’t be like you blessing . Rest


why do u always focus on married women ? why ? marriage no easy to hold down ooh… don’t try breaking up other peoples marriages with ur post.. this one na full lie


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