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Moment AI confesses to sleeping with comedian Phoebe’s boyfriend, she reacts (Watch)

The video involving artificial intelligence (AI) and Nigerian comedian King Phoebe has gained significant attention and become a trending conversation on the photo and video-sharing platform, Instagram.

While artificial intelligence (AI) is widely recognized for its efficiency in various tasks, the video featuring AI Jadro Lita and comedian King Phoebe has sparked numerous reactions online. In the video, AI Jadro Lita supplies information to comedian Phoebe, leading to unexpected and humorous results.

The AI is shown providing information to King Phoebe about her boyfriend’s infidelity, setting the stage for a comedic interaction. The video’s unique concept has captured the interest of viewers and generated discussions on the capabilities and unexpected outcomes of AI technology.

AI Jadro Lita said; “Hello Phoebe”

Phoebe responded; “How you dey now?”

AI Jadro Lita; “I’m fine, there is something I have to tall you.”

Phoebe; “Wetin happen, abeg, wetin happen.”

AI Jadro; “Your boyfriend is cheating on you.”

Phoebe gets eneraged; “I talk am, shey be na that girl wey dey sell akara (bean cakes) for that junction now, he dey eye am whenever we dey trek, he dey eye am, na that girl.”

Reacting to this, AI Jadro Lita said; “No.”

The AI continues “Your boyfriend is cheating on you with me.”

Phoebe said; “You say?”

AI Jadro Lita; “I said your boyfriend is cheating on you with me.”

However, comedian King Phoebe didn’t found this funny anymore as he responded “Wey your battery, where your battery dey now?”

The AI Jadro Lita continues to supply information by saying “My back, what are you trying to do?”

King Phoebe went aggressive on the AI by removing the battery away from her and the AI was switched off automatically leading to a dead end.


Captioning the video, King Phoebe wrote; “I no get strength abeg 😒 @jadrolita_.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

mcmakopolo1: U dey report ur self and them say AI get sense 😂😂.

enosenty1:  Na so your matter Dey be🤦‍♂️… Agbero!!😂😂… the mumu AI sef say “My back”🤦‍♂️.

ejukwa_gee: Even AI wan collect your man😂😂.

comediankoboko: This one don mad oo😂😂😂😂.

japheth_official: Her own easy 😂😂😂.

japheth_official:  Her own easy 😂😂😂.

rfe__snowflakes: Two of una get yansh , can someone look for them for me ? 😠.

starflexxarmani1: This AI character is a master of her art 🔥.. her ascent ,movement & looks are phenomenal 🔥🌍.

erdi_wise: This gal is just too good 😢God bless you, 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ur things d always different.

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