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Nigerian man builds tapping device that mines coins faster without using fingers, shows how it works (Video)

Nigerian man builds tapping device that mines coins faster without using fingers, shows how it works

A talented Nigerian man, Oyekunle Micheal Ayansola, has invented a tapping device called Tap4Me to enhance the efficiency of mining coins in the popular Telegram-based Crypto game Tapswap.

This innovative device automates the tapping process, allowing users to earn more coins without having to manually tap their phone screens.

Tapswap has gained significant popularity among Nigerians, who traditionally use their fingers to tap their phone screens to accumulate coins. Michael’s Tap4Me device offers a game-changing solution by automatically tapping the screen, even while the user is asleep. This not only increases the user’s coin earnings but also prevents potential damage to the phone from excessive manual tapping.

Michael, who previously invented a fuelless generator, spoke about his latest creation, highlighting its efficiency and the convenience it provides to Tapswap players. According to a report by Legit.ng, the device is capable of generating up to three million Tapshares daily, significantly boosting the user’s coin collection effortlessly.

This invention reflects Michael’s ingenuity and dedication to solving practical problems with innovative solutions, making a notable impact on the cryptocurrency gaming community.


In his words: “Tap4Me is a smartphone screen tapping device, which helps coin miners gather more coins easily and faster automatically than fingers would do.

“When people place their smartphones under the tapping device, it is meant and designed to tap the smartphone screen just like the fingers without damaging the user’s screen. It’s capable of tapping the smartphone screen 3000x per minute and over 3 million taps per day.”

He shared a video of ‘Tap4me’ via his Instagram page and showed how the device operates. In the video, a phone, which had tapswap on the screen, was placed under the device. An instrument from the device was seen mining the coins with speed of light.


Watch the video below:

Some reactions are shown below:

debiimpe said, “Wow!!! You made this ?”

obahp_001 said, “Phone no go spoil….”


opinessy1 said, “Mad ooo🙌🙌🙌”.

mstring56 said, “More knowledge and God’s strength”.

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