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Download Seplat Scholarship Past Questions [PDF]

The Seplat Scholarship Test is typically conducted for eligible candidates who have met the scholarship’s requirements.

Qualified candidates will receive a unique link to upload their documents and take the test online.

The test, which typically lasts for thirty minutes, assesses candidates’ numerical and verbal reasoning skills. After the allotted time, candidates will be logged out, and the test will be submitted.

For effective preparation, it is highly recommended that candidates obtain and practice with the Seplat Scholarship Past Questions. These past questions serve as valuable study materials to guide candidates in familiarizing themselves with the test format and improving their performance.

In summary, the Seplat Scholarship Aptitude Test is a crucial step in the scholarship application process, and candidates are encouraged to use past questions as a practical study resource to enhance their readiness for the test.

The test is a total of thirty questions and will be administered for a period of thirty minutes.

The subjects include;

  • Numerical Reasoning (Mathematics)
  •  Verbal Reasoning (English)
  • Logical Reasoning (General Test Questions)

Receiving the Seplat Scholarship comes with a significant annual reward of N200,000 for each awardee. This cash prize is intended to provide substantial financial support for the educational expenses incurred during their academic pursuits in higher institutions.

The generous financial assistance serves as a powerful motivator for candidates to invest time and effort in thorough preparation for the scholarship aptitude test. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of crafting a standout scholarship application to increase the chances of being selected as a beneficiary.

This financial incentive not only recognizes academic merit but also reinforces Seplat’s commitment to supporting the educational aspirations of deserving students. It underscores the importance of approaching the scholarship application process with dedication and a focus on excellence.

How To Prepare for Seplat Scholarship Aptitude Test

  • The test will be administered via the internet and will require the following:
    • A good internet connection
    •  Pen/Pencils
    • A computer with functional Webcam. Please ensure your Windows operating system is activated.
    • A valid ID card e.g. Work ID, International Passport, ID-Card, National ID, or Driver’s License
    • At least 1 hour 30 minutes without interruption in a quiet environment.
  • Ensure your network and battery are in good condition before starting the test.
  • Ensure no materials or books/persons laying/hanging around, phones, other gadget/smart devices or anything that gives off as malpractice is found within 360 degrees scanning of your environment.




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