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Wow!! 46-year-old man who spent 25 years in prison fights to become successful, bags bachelor’s degree and earns acceptance to Law school

Micheal Braham, a 46-year-old man who spent 25 years in prison, has overcome challenges to achieve success. He earned a bachelor’s degree and gained acceptance into two law schools.

Micheal was arrested at the age of 21, accused of killing his childhood friend. He explained that he did not intend for the victim to die, which, if considered, would have led to a charge of manslaughter instead of murder.

However, due to ineffective legal representation, he ended up pleading guilty to murder in exchange for a 32-year sentence. In 1998, Micheal started representing himself (pro se) after finding out that his attorney had misled him into entering a guilty plea.


“I wish I could turn back time and bring Geoffrey back. But because I can’t, I have dedicated myself to helping others avoid making poor choices like the ones that led to me causing another person’s death,” he expressed.

While in prison, Micheal developed a keen interest and passion for law. He successfully litigated multiple cases against Department of Correction officers and assisted fellow inmates in doing the same. This experience led him to consider pursuing a legal career.

Micheal achieved an associate’s degree and two bachelor’s degrees, including one in Philosophy, at Wesleyan-Middlesex Center for Prison Education. His Philosophy degree specifically concentrated on the relationship between critical racial theory and sociology.

“For most of the time I was in prison, I worked hard to improve myself, preparing for life after my release. I did this primarily in two ways: through education (earning an associate’s and two bachelor’s degrees) and engaging in pro se litigation,” he said.

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