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Bobrisky Spotted Throwing Herself At A Man Begging Him To Ask Him Out [Photos]


Crossdresser Bobrisky has thrown herself at a man named Henry begging him to ask him out as she will gladly say yes whenever he asks her out because he’s cute.

Bobrisky has been deceiving himself with the fact that he’s now a woman because he portrays himself as a woman on social media and for that is shooting her shots with this Henry guy who is her friend on Snapchat.

According to her, Henry is the only guy she loves too much and they met on Snapchat when he added her 3 months ago and because he’s in the USA (Las Vega) and owns a private jet as well as a house in Abuja and the USA, she’s interested in him.

Bobrisky then added that the guy has been commenting on her posts telling her that she’s beautiful, therefore, throwing herself at him begging him to just ask her out at once and she will gladly say yes if he asks because he’s cute.


In our African certain, it’s not right for a woman to throw herself at a man or even ask him out but Bobrisky is doing that now and has made it clear it’s all because the guy has been complimenting her beauty on Snapchat.

Netizens reacting to the post of Bobrisky think this Henry guy is in trouble now that she has set her eyes on him and is making it public that she’s interested in him all because he owns a private jet among some other things.

screenshot below;

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