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Cubana Chief Priest Begins #FreeObiCubana Protest After Claiming They Are Used To Being Arrested By EFCC


Celebrity barman Cubana Chief Priest has reacted to the arrest of his boss Obi Cubana by the EFCC over alleged fraud saying they are used to this as well as beginning a freeobicubana campaign online.

News of businessman Obi Cubana being arrested yesterday went viral and a lot of people were shocked because most people know that his money is legit but the EFCC thinks he has something to do with some frauds and things hence arrested him yesterday.

After the arrest, nothing has been heard and one of his guys Cubana Chief Priest reacting to that has begun a freeobicubana campaign online asking the EFCC to let him go since they have no concrete evidence against him per the rumors making rounds on social media.


According to Cubana Chief Priest, Igbos are used to being arrested by the EFCC because they think they made their money the bad way adding that what doesn’t kill them only makes them stronger and this is going to make Obi Cubana only stronger.

Per the information that we had, the EFCC has been trailing Obi Cubana for a very long time now but has nothing on him until he made his mother’s burial so lavishly that made people question the source of his income and that gave the EFCC the chance to trail him and now has arrested him even though they still have no concrete evidence against him.

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