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Death Is Rude – Video Of Nkechi Blessing Praying That Her Mother Never Dies Early


A video of Nkechi Blessing praying that her mother never dies early has hit the net a few days after her mother died and netizens have concluded that death is rude.

Nkechi Blessing in an interview with Chude prayed that God should forbid that her mother dies early saying she’s never going to leave her so early like that but unfortunately what she feared most came to pass a few days ago.

According to Nkechi Blessing, the only thing that would make her sad and cry for the world to see is to lose her mother to the cold hands of death, and what she feared the most just happened a few days to her mother’s birthday.


It’s just sad that what she prayed against while speaking in an interview with Chude just came to pass and based on how she was talking about her mother, it was very clear that Nkechi Blessing and her mother were really close.

She revealed that her mother practically became her father when she lost her father and in order to make her always comfortable, she stayed with her until she moved to her husband’s house but now she has to mourn her death a few days before her birthday.

Netizens reacting to the video of how Nkechi Blessing was passionately speaking about her mother and her prayers said death is rude to actually make what she feared the most happen to her and it just happened a few days before her birthday.

video below;

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