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Mercy Johnson Loses Her Cool As Teacher Bullies Her Daughter 'Purity' Because She Dislike Her Movies

Nollywood actress and mother of four Mercy Johnson has taken to her Instagram page to lambast a teacher who has been bullying her 8-year-old daughter purity for disliking her movies.

Mercy Johnson who expressed her anger in series of posts as she narrates what the said teacher has been doing to her daughter Purity at school. According to Mercy, the teacher has been bullying her daughter in the school because she does not like her the actress.


Mercy said the teacher who is not the class teacher of her daughter purposely comes to the class of Purity just to bully her and also tells her that celebrity kids are not well behaved and disrespectful.

She added that her daughter Purity complained to her several times but did not pay heed until her daughter who loves school has decided to stay home out of fear.

She added that she decided to confront the teacher yesterday because she found her daughter crying only for the teacher to tell her she does not care and will punish her daughter anytime she likes. Mercy Johnson has however revealed that she has reported the issue to the the school’s headmaster and waiting for the outcome of the issue.

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