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Brilliant lady bags first-class in Physiology, wins 4 awards as overall best student

A brilliant woman named Fiyinfoluwa Ademulegun has achieved the distinction of being the overall best-graduating student. She earned this accolade by obtaining a first-class degree in Physiology at the University of Medical Sciences in Nigeria.

Fiyinfoluwa accomplished the feat of securing a first-class honors degree in Physiology from the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo, Nigeria. Her exceptional academic performance led to her being honored as the overall best graduating student at the university.


She proudly shared her achievement of obtaining a degree on her Twitter, noting that she not only graduated with an outstanding grade but also made history as the first-ever student to achieve a first-class in her department at the school.

“Truly, a girl helped by God. First First Class in the Department of Physiology. Second-best Overall student 2022/2023 set,” she expressed with gratitude.

Fiyinfoluwa proudly mentioned that she not only secured the title of the best-graduating student in her department but also attained the position of the best-graduating student in the university’s faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. Additionally, she received the Physoc award for the best undergraduate prize.

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